About the Association

FIA husFÍA is the oldest and largest trade union of pilots in Iceland. It is a free and open association, based on 70 years of work protecting the safety and interests of professional pilots. There are over 700 FÍA members, and their number increases steadily with increasing airline operations. FÍA is the only pilot union in Iceland with membership to the European Cockpit Association and the International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations.

There are many parties working within FÍA to protect the interests of pilots. The board, security and support committees, staff and shop stewards assist pilots in various ways and in various fields, thus providing pilots with the support that they need.

The purpose of the association, according to its rules, is to negotiate wages and terms on behalf of its members, work on aviation safety issues, protect the professional rights and interests of members and provide support to members in the event of illness according to the regulations of the Sickness Fund.

Innskráning FÍA

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