Reykjavik Flight Safety Symposium 2018

The Reykjavik Flight Safety Symposium takes place on April 13th 2018

from 09:30 -17:00 at Hilton Reykjavík Nordica, organised by the safety committee of the Icelandic Airline Pilots' Association.

Main topics are pilot training, cyber threats, SBAS navigation, cabin air quality and human factors.

The event will bring together air traffic controllers, pilots and other key people within the aviation industry.

All presentations and key discussions will be in English.

Confirmed speakers are:

Arnor B. Kristinsson

Project Manager ISAVIA - Sat. Based Navigation

Tristan Loraine

Cabin Air Quality and Fume Events

Arnar J. Agnarsson

TRE Icelandair - Evidence Based Training

Chris Johnson PhD

Glasgow University - Cybersecurity

Gitte Damm

Human Factors / Resilience

Tickets can be purchased at 

Admission fee includes coffee and lunch buffet.

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